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Co-development services

Saint-Gobain Composite Solutions is a long-trusted partner for creating highly specialized, technology-driven material solutions that deliver extraordinary performance across a spectrum of demanding settings. Through collaboration with our customers, we co-develop versatile materials and real application tests to ensure that you have the best possible solution for your application. We help create innovative materials that provide protection, easy release, insulation, and friction control. And we seek to collaborate in making it even more possible.

Industry leading capabilities in perfect synergy

Saint-Gobain Composite Solutions bring together industry-leading capabilities in perfect synergy. From conception to production we offer a suite of capabilities that is truly second to none. Beginning in our labs we offer the ability to deliver production quality samples in economically viable quantities to get your project started. As you scale up so do we! Our equipment is capable of running small, medium, and large-sized quantities, effectively and efficiently. When you hit a roadblock and are not sure where to go next, ask us. We work closely with major global chemical manufacturers to provide support on existing products and bring the product opportunities of the future to you.

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A worldwide leader in light and sustainable construction, Saint-Gobain designs, manufactures, and distributes materials and services for the construction and industrial markets. Its integrated solutions for the renovation of public and private buildings, light construction, and the decarbonization of construction and industry are developed through a continuous innovation process and provide sustainability and performance. The Group’s commitment is guided by its purpose, “MAKING THE WORLD A BETTER HOME”.


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