Insulated Wires

Consistent and low loss dielectric performance

Consistent and low loss dielectric performance

Saint-Gobain Dielectric Insulation solutions are used in some of the most demanding environments, including aerospace cable applications, PCB laminates, motor insulation, and high-temperature capacitors. When reliable performance is mission critical, our specialty designs continue to work in the presence of corrosive materials, high moisture levels, or large temperature ranges. In high-frequency operating environments, our solutions help to ensure strong signal integrity and long-term performance. In high dielectric stress applications, our solutions offer the thinnest options where space is critical and still withstand electrical stress.

Designed for challenging environments

Protecting equipment, people and performance across a wide variety of environmental conditions, our insulation solutions provide high dielectric strength and combustion resistance.

Insulation for emotor
Emotor diagram
5G Circuit Board
5G circuit board example

Protecting signal integrity

Our solutions help ensure high-speed signal transmission with low attenuation and good integrity. Even in high-frequency use cases like PCB and flexible PCB applications like those used in 5G networks and autonomous driving applications, our solutions provide fast signal transmission and broad bandwidth usage – all while limiting the flow of electricity and storing electrical and electromagnetic energy to ensure your critical components perform at their best for longer.