Car Moonroof interior

Lightweight and flexible with a simplified, efficient component design

Lightweight and flexible with a simplified, efficient component design

Low-friction linings are critical to the performance of a huge range of components – from electromagnetic solenoids to sliding roofs in automobiles. VERSIV low-friction linings are an alternative to more traditional metallic coatings such as nickel, chrome, or stainless steel, that offer superior friction performance at elevated temperatures with minimum noise generation and long-term compatibility with oils and chemical additives.

Tailored to your needs

VERSIV solutions can be designed to meet certain technical requirements like specific friction properties, high static dissipation, and electrical insulation, for a much more flexible solution that can even be provided in any size.

Boy in car sunroof
Sliding car roofs require long lasting friction performance
Commercial Printer
High-speed printers require smooth consistent performance to operate efficiently

Consistent, durable performance

Compared to other low-friction solutions, our linings provide permanent easy slide surfaces and high performance across a temperature range of -238˚F to 500˚F (-150˚C to +260˚C). They are also compatible with most chemicals, which makes them a hugely versatile solution as they are not consumed like oils and lubricants and do not need to be replaced. This durability helps to reduce waste in manufacturing operations and also lower energy consumption in, for example, high-speed printers.

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