Industrial Films Manufacturing

Functional Coatings

Two-sided release and other specialist surface coatings

Coating solutions from VERSIV

We formulate industry-leading coatings for a wide variety of applications. Our Fluorosilicone two-sided release coatings are used in transdermal drug delivery applications, while our conductive and anti-static coatings help improve the performance of electronic components and displays. Our anti-graffiti, tints, and hard coats are designed to provide long-term performance in harsh environments. What connects them all is the fact that we design, manufacture, and distribute them – so are in absolute control of their properties and quality.

Custom functional coatings

Whether you need release liners, static-dissipative plastic films, precision laminations, and abrasion-resistant coatings, the VERSIV team can work with you to create a solution tailored to your needs.

Key applications

  • Anti-Static and Conductive Coatings
  • Printable Coatings
  • Abrasion Resistant Coatings
  • Fluorosilicone Coatings

Solutions for demanding applications

Saint-Gobain is a leader in manufacturing surface coatings in both standards and custom formulations. Our flexible approach to engineering, manufacturing capabilities, and world-class R&D centers allow us to work in collaboration with a range of partners to create products that meet the most stringent requirements and offer high performance in demanding environments.

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Fluorosilicone Coatings

VERSIV 9000 series fluorosilicone coatings are designed for use with silicone pressure-sensitive adhesives including medical-grade silicone adhesives used in transdermal drug delivery applications. This series has been specially designed to provide premium release characteristics when used with selected methyl-based silicone pressure-sensitive adhesives. Typical applications include backside release for self-wound silicone adhesive tapes.

Key Benefits

  • FDA-compliant coatings available, suitable for food contact
  • Superior performance to other non-silicone releases when used with silicone adhesives
  • Uniform release levels increase processing ease for end users
  • Non-blocking provides easy processing and storage
  • No post-curing results in simplified secondary manufacturing operations
  • Excellent clarity and optics improve the finished product appearance
  • DMF listed formulations: quick selection and processing for use in some medical applications
VERSIV 9000 Series Fluorosilicon coating product image
Fluorosilicone Coatings
VERSIV Printable Coatings product image
Prinatable Coatings

Printable Coatings

The composite Solutions team can apply specific patterns using gravure printing as well as offset printing. We provide specific colors for tinting plastic films - any Pantone color can be provided, however, the primary colors are what are usually requested. The base substrate is usually polyester and the colors are added for product recognition. These coatings have been applied to a variety of substrates to meet critical application needs. Substrates include clear polyester and white polyester. Polypropylene, polyimide, and a variety of extruded and blown plastic substrates. Coatings can vary from primer coats for ink adhesion to laser printable coatings that will provide a matte appearance.

Key Benefits

  • Custom coatings and textures provide optimal performance for your printing needs
  • Logo embossing and printing make your product immediately recognizable in a cost-effective way
  • Virtually unlimited polymer substrate capability - use our recommended substrate or specify your own
  • Color matching available

Abrasion Resistant Coatings

VERSIV coatings are specifically designed to enhance the abrasion resistance of plastic films. VERSIV abrasion-resistant coatings provide excellent chemical and solvent resistance for long-lasting appearance and performance.

Key Benefits

  • Abrasion resistance protects film surface
  • Chemical resistive and durable in many environments
  • Excellent clarity and optical properties enhance the appearance of finished products
  • Optically clear version for protection of transparent surfaces
  • Tinted versions for easy identification or marketing design
VERSIV Abrasion Resistant Coatings product image
Abrasion Resistant Coatings
Clear Release Liner
Anti-Static Coatings

Anti-Static and Conductive Coatings

The buildup of static is a large problem in the plastics industry. The discharge of static can ruin an electronic component or cause visual defects in coated films and a large discharge of static can cause personal injury and damage. Our Composite Solutions team has been applying topical coatings to plastic substrates to eliminate the buildup of static for over 40 years. Plastic substrates can be very smooth as is the surface on that they are in contact. When these surfaces are separated a static charge can be generated. The ability to prevent this charge from developing can be the difference between a highly effective product and sporadic product failures. These coatings are applied uniformly across the film web in a controlled clean room environment. Conductive coatings have a higher degree of conductivity than static dissipative coatings. They can be used where a precise level of conductivity is required. VERSIV conductive coatings vary in conductive level from 35 ohms/ square to 5,000 ohms per square. These coatings are designed with a blend of polymer resin with conductive filler.

Key Benefits

  • No static build-up between contact surfaces
  • Uniform conductive and resistive levels for consistent product performance
  • Class 1000 coating and converting prevents contamination in sensitive applications
  • Customized formulations designed specifically for customers

Our partners

We work with companies all over the global economy in a wide range of sectors. What unites them is their need for reliable, high performance from the composite solutions they use. That’s what we provide.

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