Custom Lamination


Contract manufacturing services and premium coated solutions for OEM customers

From conception to commercial production

We have over 50 years of experience in providing OEMs with custom coating and laminating for some of the world’s most demanding applications. We use a wide range of coating technologies, including clean room coating up to Class 1000, and can provide both toll and custom manufacturing services. By controlling the complete design and manufacturing process, we can ensure our customers get exactly the specifications, performance, and value they need.

Custom coating and laminating solutions

Flexible engineering and manufacturing capabilities enable us to produce and apply surface coatings in standard and custom formulations for a diverse range of applications and disciplines. we work closely with customers under strict confidentiality from conception to commercial production. 

Custom Lamination
VERSIV™ Toll Coating and Contract Manufacturing equipment picture

Key selling points

  • Class 1000 clean room manufacturing
  • Multilayer Laminations with inline film cleaning
  • Precision tension control for laminate flatness
  • 60" production width

Service Details

Our laboratory and quick turn capabilities accelerate your time to market and give us complete control over the composition and performance of your finished solution. We can work across a range of typical coatings from pressure-sensitive adhesive toll coatings to tints and matte friction. We can adapt a range of factors like viscosity, coating thickness, temperature performance, toll coating methods, and substrate thickness to suit your specific needs.

Key applications

  • Electronics
  • Automotive
  • Medical

Our partners

When the world’s leading OEMs need high-performance, reliable and tailored film, coating, and laminate solutions, they come to Saint-Gobain.

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