fep release film violet

Non-stick Release Solutions 

VERSIV Release Solutions

Release Solutions help minimize issues and production stoppages related to sticking, cleaning or contamination.  

If you rely on processes involving polymers – such as melting, gluing, reacting or laminating; or those involving cooking – such as grilling, baking and steaming, these delays can be costly.  

Versiv Release Solutions are a flexible and universal option for multiple uses in the most demanding applications. For example, those involving high temperatures, aggressive ingredients like hot oils, chemicals or molten polymers and sometimes the mechanical strain of the Release Solution itself 

Consistent production and fewer stoppages 

VERSIV composites materials are versatile products used in release applications for the cleanest, most consistent release performance possible  

Optical Release Liner
Clear release liner film
brown ptfe coated fabric
PTFE coated fabrics can be used for non stick release belts and sheets

Long-term, reliable performance 

VERSIV materials are used to reduce or eliminate problems associated with sticking, cleaning, and contamination issues. They perform perfectly and are extremely easy to install and use.  

Available as rolls, cut-to-size sheets, or continuous belts, they can be customized to your needs. They are your working surface, giving long-lasting and controlled release properties until end of life (with no special treatment necessary). When you are ready for more, they are simple to remove and replace.