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High-quality silicone coated release liners

VERSIV optical film release liners

We provide high-quality silicone coated release liners which are used for a wide range of specialist applications – including medical liners, electronic displays and adhesives, industrial products, ceramic casting, and other niche film applications. Manufactured under clean room conditions to the most stringent specifications, we specially design plastic films of polyester, PP, styrene, and PVC. We design, manufacture, and distribute our solutions, meaning we are in complete control over their properties, performance, and quality.

Easy and controlled releases

Our release liners protect the surface they are in contact with. Surface smoothness, visual optical clarity, and the ability to match the correct compatible chemistry manufactured in a clean contaminant-free environment provide a versatile product that provides easy and smooth release performance.

Clear Release Liner Close Up
VERSIV clear release liner
Optical films are crucial in modern electronics
Optical films are crucial in modern electronics production

Key selling points

  • Liners manufactured at < 1.0% haze
  • Manufactured and Slit in Class 1000 clean room
  • State-of-the-art coating equipment
  • Customizable chemistry
  • Unlimited substrate capabilities

Release liners for demanding applications

Optical film release liners from Versiv are critical components in a range of production processes across different industries. Whatever they are used for, release films need to perform with repeat consistency. As a world leader in specialized material solutions, we have been providing high quality, high performance, and high solutions to businesses for over 50 years.

Key applications

  • Electronics displays
  • Glass safety laminates

Our partners

Our optical film solutions provide value for companies and consumers across the world every day. Working in close collaboration with our partners helps ensure our products are always the best in class.

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