Pump Diaphragms

Flexible high performance composites used in protection solutions

Protection Solutions

Our Protection Solutions capabilities address the critical needs of life safety, pharmaceutical purity, and surface protection. These applications often require chemical barriers, inert substrates, and mechanical toughness in the application. The materials themselves are chosen or developed for downstream processes such as forming, sealing, or bonding. Chemical protective clothing, chemotherapy patients, tissue banks, and exotic car owners all benefit from our protective solutions.

Reliability and safety

Whether utilized in aerospace gasketing or to protect your car's rear view mirror from paint chips, our solutions carry the confidence you can have of choosing Saint-Gobain as a supply partner for your most critical system needs.

Paint Protection Film on Car Mirror
Engineers Working On Airplane Engine

Long-lasting performance for critical equipment

VERSIV solutions set the standard when it comes to providing long-term high performance when frequently exposed to corrosive chemicals, high pressure, or large temperature ranges of between -238˚F and +572˚F (-150˚C and +300˚C). They can also withstand sustained exposure to rain and ice, frequent flexing, exposure to fire, and elevated or vacuum conditions.

Our protection membrane solutions are relied upon by companies working in dangerous, high-pressure environments. In these conditions, they need to be able to trust their equipment. That’s why we are here.