Research & Development

Co-development, prototyping & testing

Accelerating your R&D together

Speed-to-market keeps your competitive edge sharp. Our composite solutions are already certified with many regulations, and our team of expert material scientists and engineers can accelerate insights, prototyping, environmental testing, and analytical testing while focusing on specific real application testing to ensure you have the best solution possible. Working together as your partner, we can improve your products and design a solution made for the future. With our global R&D capabilities across 8 sites worldwide we have the ability to rapidly prototype and develop solutions with real-world testing to ensure, long-lasting reliability. 

With our deep history and expertise, Saint-Gobain engineers and scientists can work with you hand-in-hand to process your technical brief, recommend the best materials, construct prototypes, test robustly and produce market-ready products for manufacturing

Polymers on table

R&D that gets further faster

With industry-leading experts and facilities at our disposal, Saint-Gobain Composite Solutions develops outstanding products much faster through our partnerships. With the collective power of 166,000 within the Saint-Gobain group, we can rapidly manufacture prototypes, test internally, and run accelerated aging and weathering tests, image tests, analytical thermal, hydrophobicity, and more tests all while staying within our confidential facilities. We work with companies all over the global economy in a wide range of sectors. What unites them is their need to maintain their competitive edge. That’s where we help companies take their brilliant ideas further, faster.

R&D Capabilities

Major multi-business research centers worldwide
Patents granted in 2018 in North America
Researchers in North America
5g testing anechoic room

Material Characterization

We have a broad range of materials testing we can do including but not limited to Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR), scanning electron microscope (SEM), thermogravimetric analysis (TGA), differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) optical microscopy & profilometry, contact angle testing, and mechanical testing. 


Advanced Characterization and Modeling

  • Digital image correlation (DIC)
  • Radio frequency modeling
  • Mechanical modeling
  • Impact modeling
  • Acoustic modeling
Plastic on machinary
Humidity and thermal test chamber

Rapid Prototyping

We can use pilot-scale equipment to mimic industrial processes for quick prototyping allowing us to test real-world production challenges.


Application Testing

  • Adhesion/release testing
  • tribology and wear testing
  • Accelerated aging
  • Application simulation
  • Finite element analysis (FEA)