Paint Protection Film on Car Mirror

Surface Protection Films

Protecting surfaces from dirt, debris and airborne particles

Long-term protection

Manufactured in a class 1000 clean room environment, VERSIV surface protection films offer industry-leading protection for the surface of vehicles. This not only reduces the impact of dirt, debris, and other airborne particulates but retains the vehicle's appearance and value for longer. Designed using advanced urethane film technology along with our state-of-the-art adhesive system, our solutions set the standard for long-term, easy-to-apply, and non-yellowing surface protection.

Non-yellowing with no embrittlement

Once installed, the appearance of our surface protection films does not degrade over time or begin to crack and flake.

VERSIV surface protection film
Red Car Taillights
Surface protection films protect cars keeping like new finishes

Key selling points

  • Non Yellowing
  • Manufactured in a class 1000 clean room
  • Highly conformable
  • Protection against normal wear and tear
  • Removable

Protection from wear and tear

As well as our industry-leading surface protection films, we also offer a stain-resistant topcoat that brings additional protection from damage caused by things like bugs, tar and pitch that can scar vehicles. Our films also have a self-healing quality – when they are scratched, over time it will return naturally to the gloss level from the original application.

Key applications

  • Paint protection

Our partners

We are trusted by the biggest names across the mobility sector, and our solutions provide reliably effective solutions to automobiles, buses, and trains across the world.

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