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Vertical Integration and convenient to use solutions

Polymers and fabrics that bring performance, reliability and convenience

Flexible Films, Fabrics, Laminates to Structural Composites

Vertical integration is about controlling the critical processes and providing the customer with a solution that works and is “easy to use”. As a solutions provider, we offer a wide range of versatile products across the globe ranging from materials to high-performance protective systems. Our experts work closely with you to develop customized solutions and products to reliably meet your critical requirements to increase efficiency across a broad range of industries.

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Tailored solutions that work

To increase user convenience and provide sustainable solutions, we aim to deliver products as fit-for-purpose solutions that minimize waste and maximize performance. Some examples of our projects include, wide roll PTFE-composites, with surface and thickness inspection that are stamped into millions of parts and put in customized packaging for automatic assembly for automotive applications, weaving, cutting, and welding PTFE fabrics into single skin air-supported radomes that protect large satellite dishes for communications systems, and developing PTFE-PI frame gaskets for H2 electrolyzers and fuel cells in customer unique dimensions to help create a world with greener energy.


End-to-end design for reliable solutions

With a wide range of materials and processes, local and central R&D teams as well as a strong global and vertically-integrated manufacturing presence, we design, develop and make products that fit your needs and allow you to concentrate on your business and your customers. We can enhance the structural integrity, strength, flex resistance, durability, and length of service life. Based on your specific needs, this vertical integration means we can tailor yarn detail like sizing and plying, select specific coatings and the manner in which they are applied to create new solutions to solve the problems of today and tomorrow.

Working to internationally recognized standards incl. ISO 9000, 14001, IATF-16749, HACCP as well as specific customer specifications and user-defined requirements, we continuously optimize our processes to always deliver solutions that work.

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