Engineering Challenges

Engineering Challenges

Multi-materials for all challenges

We work to solve your challenges wherever they may be Saint-Gobain Composite Solution multi-material products are designed for manufacturers who strive for optimal performance and efficiency in processes or operational environments with challenging conditions involving friction control, dielectric insulation, barrier protection, and non-stick release.

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Friction Control

Low-friction linings are critical to the performance of a huge range of components – from electromagnetic solenoids to sliding roofs in automobiles. VERSIV low-friction linings are an alternative to more traditional metallic coatings such as nickel, chrome, or stainless steel, that offer superior friction performance at elevated temperatures with minimum noise generation and long-term compatibility with oils and chemical additives.

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Dielectric Insulation

Saint-Gobain Dielectric Insulation solutions are used in some of the most demanding environments, including aerospace cable applications, PCB laminates, motor insulation, and high-temperature capacitors. When reliable performance is mission critical, our specialty designs continue to work in the presence of corrosive materials, high moisture levels, or large temperature ranges. In high-frequency operating environments, our solutions help to ensure strong signal integrity and long-term performance. In high dielectric stress applications, our solutions offer the thinnest options where space is critical and still withstand electrical stress.

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Protection Barriers

As well as our industry-leading surface protection films, we also offer a stain-resistant topcoat that brings additional protection from damage caused by things like bugs, tar and pitch that can scar vehicles. Our films also have a self-healing quality – when they are scratched, over time they will return naturally to the gloss level from the original application.

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Non-Stick Release

Release Solutions help minimize issues and production stoppages related to sticking, cleaning or contamination.  

If you rely on processes involving polymers – such as melting, gluing, reacting or laminating; or those involving cooking – such as grilling, baking and steaming, these delays can be costly.  

VERSIV Release Solutions are a flexible and universal option for multiple uses in the most demanding applications. For example, those involving high temperatures, aggressive ingredients like hot oils, chemicals, or molten polymers, and sometimes the mechanical strain of the Release Solution itself 


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