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Saint-Gobain Films VERSIV

Film Solutions for All Applications

VERSIV Films offers the broadest line of high-performance polymeric films. Saint-Gobain has more than 40 years of experience in selecting and processing premium grade polymers into specialty films to deliver the perfect combination of temperature, chemical, and dielectric performance for your application. We utilize a full range of polymers, including FEP, PFA, PTFE, ETFE, ECTFE, PI, and UHMW-PE.


Range of materials

violet fep release film closeup

With a non-stick surface and high chemical resistance and elongation, our ETFE RF Release film is designed to provide reliable, high-quality release performance for resin systems operating at up to 356˚F (180˚C). Available in both translucent pigmented and perforated forms.

brown ptfe coated fabric

VERSIV™ non-stick release, barrier protection, friction control, and dielectric control insulation solutions are used in the food, energy, medical and electronics sectors. They are ideal for manufacturers who want to optimize performance and efficiency in challenging processes and operational environments.

natural black fabric versiv

Tear-resistant PTFE-coated woven fiberglass fabric is extremely flexible, crease-resistant, and easily fabricated. The antistatic version features all the excellent chemical and mechanical benefits of the range and is also black – eliminating electrical sparks and static charging. Both choices are durable and easy to use.


Beta Cloth is a fiberglass fabric with an extremely tight weave – making it an ideal protective layer in aerospace applications. This composite has a high strength-to-weight ratio and is woven internally then coated with PTFE. With low off-gassing, it’s ideally suited to applications on satellites and space stations.

etfe e2 film

ETFE E2 General Purpose film can be used in diverse and demanding  applications like dry-erase writing surfaces, protective laminates for outdoor graphics, and front sheets in photovoltaic (PV) cells. Non-stick, self-cleaning, and heat-sealable, C-treated bondable versions are also available.

clear fep film

A fluoropolymer film that we have manufactured from fluorinated ethylene propylene (FEP) resin to support applications that have unusual endurance, thermal or chemical requirements.

ETFE Raw Film with Color

With a matte surface texture on one side having an Ra surface roughness of approximately 2-3 microns, our ETFE matte films are an effective way of reducing the glare from PV frontsheets. They can also transfer a matte or low gloss surface to molded parts during the composite or electronics molding process.

red fep release film closeup

Our clear or pigmented fluoropolymer film made from fluorinated ethylene propylene (FEP) resin to provide outstanding anti-stick release properties for composite molding applications.

hazy fep film close up

Fluoropolymer film manufactured from fluorinated ethylene propylene (FEP) resin designed to be a cost-effective solution for adhesive welding tape applications.

ectfe film clear wide

ECTFE is used in non-stick surfaces and linings, thermoformed parts, diaphragms, and release film for composite molding where elongation requirements are moderate. With a non-stick surface and excellent chemical resistance, it’s available in pigmented films that increase visibility to reduce the risk of downstream foreign-object contamination.  

natural premium fabric versiv

The strength and rigidity of this VERSIV™belting fabric make it ideally suited for large belts or those operating in harsh, high-temperature or high-volume environments. Mechanically stable under pressure and thermally stable up to 500˚F (260˚C), it offers great release characteristics. Made up of high-quality PTFE coating on a woven glass fiber substrate, the fabric comes with a range of controlled texture options.


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