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VERSIV CBRN Composite Barrier Materials

A world of barrier solutions – with customized, broad-range resistance against CWA, chemical and biological agents.

CBRN Composite Barrier Materials

When you need the highest level of chemical protection, VERSIV CBRN composite barrier materials are excellent for applications ranging in scale from PPE to large, complex shelter systems. Used by military, medical, first responders and industrial operatives in the most challenging professional environments, these products utilize Saint-Gobain’s fluoropolymer barrier technologies and are highly customizable for your unique requirements.
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Used in applications like our ONESUIT® protective suits and gloves as well as Safety & Defense shelters and hydration systems, CBRN composite barrier materials provide the broadest range of protection from exposure to chemical, biological, or CWAs in a hazmat or CBRN event. Flexible, durable, and robust, they offer exceptional flame resistance, thermal protection, UV and environmental weathering resistance. These products are compatible with a broad range of polymers and are easy to fabricate and integrate into complex systems. When you work in extreme environments, VERSIV CBRN composite barrier materials protect you from micro to macro scale. 


  • Military Shelters

  • CBRN Suits

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Saint-Gobain Composite Solutions is a long-trusted partner for creating highly specialized, technology-driven material solutions that deliver extraordinary performance across a spectrum of demanding settings. Through collaboration with our customers, we co-develop versatile materials and real application tests to ensure that you have the best possible solution for your application. We help create innovative materials that provide protection, easy release, insulation, and friction control. And we seek to collaborate in making it even more possible.

Collaborating engineers

Rigorous testing standards

Saint-Gobain Composite Solutions develops custom application testing based on each of our partner’s product uses in order to create the best possible solution. Some tests that are included but are not limited to environmental, durability, and reliability testing to give you peace of mind making sure that products work in the hardest environments. Our testing begins during the co-development process to develop relevant tests and gather data that allows us to create market-ready solutions quickly.

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