Clear Release Liner

Functional Coatings VERSIV

The Versatile VERSIV™ Functional Coatings range includes optically clear, conductive, and anti-static coatings applied onto plastic film substrates. We can also process differential and two-sided release coatings, anti-graffiti surfaces, hard coats and tints, and much more.

Functional Coatings VERSIV

Versatile VERSIVfunctional coatings can be customized for specialist applications. VERSIV 9000 fluorosilicone coatings are designed for pressure-sensitive adhesives, including medical-grade silicone adhesives used in transdermal drug delivery applications. Anti-static and conductive coatings prevent static build-up between contact surfaces and offer uniform resistive and conductive levels for consistent product performance. Printable coatings can be used to apply unique patterns using offset as well as gravure printing. And optically clear or tinted abrasion-resistant coatings protect the film surface.  
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Clear Release Liner

Adhesive Release Liners

Film substrates with engineered release coatings - easily customized to protect a vast range of adhesives and topcoats.

White Release Liner

Casting and process liners

Our customized, high-performance process liner film substrates for casting and release of applied chemistry are ideal for a broad range of industries.

Optical Release Liner

Optical films

Optically clear film substrates with highly engineered coatings – ideal for applications where low-haze performance is essential.

Release Liner

Medical Release Liners

Designed specifically for FDA-compliant protection and release, these polyester film substrates are used against medical grade adhesives and products.


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