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VERSIV Fabrics and Composites

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VERSIV multi-material composite solutions work over a broad range of applications from structural materials, industrial applications, chemical storage, aerospace, and much more to achieve optimal performance and efficiency in their processes or operational environments that have very challenging conditions. 

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VERSIV™ Natural Porous Fabric Macro

VERSIV Fabrics

VERSIV Fabrics products comprise a wide range of PTFE coated glass or aramid fabrics, reinforced with fluoropolymer films or silicone layers. We work closely with customers to develop the longest-lasting, most consistent performance innovations for a broad range of unique applications.

X22 Green Macro

VERSIV Composites

VERSIV Composite material technology that enables customized, high-performance and cost-effective solutions for users and manufacturers of products needing the highest level of chemical-biological barrier performance.


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