VERSIV™ Composites

VERSIV multi-material Laminates

Strong, flexible, and easily customizable laminates – specially engineered for applications in specialist environments including the food, pharma and petrochemical industries.

VERSIV Composites

The unique properties of VERSIV multi-material laminates provide the confidence you need to work efficiently and safely in extreme environments. For instance, some multi-material composites blend the highest permeation resistance and flex life requirements. Others combine PTFE with specially woven structural fabrics or are engineered for use in wet and dry flue gas conditions. This diverse range also includes multi-materials applied in everything from PPE to large-scale shelter systems and very demanding industrial applications.
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Pump Diaphragms


Used in the most demanding high-pressure applications, flex barrier Ultraflex VERSIV Multimaterial Composite is an unmatched PTFE solution for the highest flex life requirements and permeation resistance. A bondable version with best-in-class etching on one or both sides adds another dimension to the range.

VERSIV™ Composites Camo Macro

VERSIV CBRN Composite Barrier Materials

When you need the highest level of chemical protection, VERSIV CBRN composite barrier materials are excellent for applications ranging in scale from PPE to large, complex shelter systems. Used by military, medical, first responders and industrial operatives in the most challenging professional environments, these products utilize Saint-Gobain’s fluoropolymer barrier technologies and are highly customizable for your unique requirements.

Versiv Composite 4500 Orange

Darlyn and Flueflex

Based on a high-strength woven fiberglass substrate, this material has superb mechanical strength and flexibility. Engineered for use in wet and dry flue-gas conditions in flexible expansion joints, this versatile product can be used as a single-layer expansion joint or as part of a multilayer configuration.


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