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PTFE (PolyTetraFluoroEthylene) VERSIV™ films offer high temperature and chemical resistance valued in industries such as food, pharma, aerospace, and more. These versatile materials are available in skived, cast, extruded (sintered and unsintered), or microporous forms.


The unique properties of diverse VERSIV PTFE films are ideal for applications including hydrophobic venting and thermocouple wires. They offer excellent electrical properties and can be custom engineered to meet the most demanding requirements. With a multi-layer construction comprising various polymers and polymer blends, cast films are void and pinhole-free, with superior dielectric conformability. Meanwhile, flex barrier films are extremely versatile and can be molded into billets, sintered, and skived to your required thickness.

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ptfe paste extruded

PTFE Paste Extruded Films

Designed for the demands of extreme thermal and chemical environments, paste extruded PTFE Films have tight tolerances and outstanding dielectric strength.

zitex g microporous ptfe

PTFE Microporous Zitex® Diffusion Membranes

A versatile microporous form of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), Zitex® G is used in applications such as particle filtration and hydrophobic venting.

skived ptfe film

PTFE Skived Films

Suitable for demanding food and pharma applications, skived PTFE films have high temperature and excellent chemical resistance.

cast ptfe films

PTFE Cast Films

VERSIV Cast PTFE Films deliver superior dielectric performance and conformability. With a unique multi-layer construction, they are inherently void- and pinhole-free.


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