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ILLUMINATE High Light Transmission Membranes enable roofs or façades that provide high-light transmission while ensuring maximum comfort, safety, and protection from the elements for the occupants.

SHEERFILL® High Light Transmission Membrane

ILLUMINATE is made by laminating PTFE films to PTFE-coated fiberglass. Like other SHEERFILL®Architectural Membranes, Illuminate is watertight and helps keep the elements out, and has a Class A fire rating. Its specialized design provides high strength, long life, and the ability to add a range of colors while maintaining light transmission.
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Product Details

ILLUMINATE High Light Transmission Membranes are used in façade, skylight, and roofing applications where high light transmission and visibility through the membrane are desired. The design provides this while also having good solar reflectance, which can lead to increased energy efficiency and savings. ILLUMINATE uses a proprietary (patented) cast PTFE film and lamination process to deliver proven long-term durability and stain resistance to help maintain aesthetic quality. As well as providing optimized lighting and shading, ILLUMINATE gives you design flexibility and freedom. Color can be added to the reinforcement to align with the design of your building with minimal impact on light transmission or transparency. For applications where one size does not fit all, the use of multiple types of SHEERFILL® materials can provide different levels of light transmission and shading in different areas of the same structure – ILLUMINATE where visibility and light are desired, and traditional SHEERFILL® where more solar reflectance is desired, all while still letting in diffused natural daylight.

Key Benefits

  • High light transmission

  • Solar reflectance

  • Low maintenance

  • Long term durability

  • Non-combustible, Class A fire performance

Typical Properties


Product Weight Breaking Strength Warp Breaking Strength Fill Trap Tear Warp Solar Transmission
28 26OZ/YD² 700LB/IN 550LB/IN 130LB 32%
48 22OZ/YD² 600LB/IN 400LB/IN 75LB 48%
28 Silver 26OZ/YD² 700LB/IN 550LB/IN 130LB 22%


Product Weight Breaking Strength Warp Breaking Strength Fill Trap Tear Warp Solar Transmission
28 870G/M² 5500N/5CM 5000N/5CM 500N 32%
48 700G/M² 4000N/5CM 3200N/5CM 300N 48%
28 Silver 870G/M² 5500N/5CM 5000N/5CM 500N 22%

*Nominal values. These values should not be used to design

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Saint-Gobain Composite Solutions is a long-trusted partner for creating highly specialized, technology-driven material solutions that deliver extraordinary performance across a spectrum of demanding settings. Through collaboration with our customers, we co-develop versatile materials and real application tests to ensure that you have the best possible solution for your application. We help create innovative materials that provide protection, easy release, insulation, and friction control. And we seek to collaborate in making it even more possible.

Collaborating engineers

Rigorous testing standards

Saint-Gobain Composite Solutions develops custom application testing based on each of our partner’s product uses in order to create the best possible solution. Some tests that are included but are not limited to environmental, durability, and reliability testing to give you peace of mind making sure that products work in the hardest environments. Our testing begins during the co-development process to develop relevant tests and gather data that allows us to create market-ready solutions quickly.

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