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Our skived UHMW-PE films provide durable, anti-stick performance for tank liners, elastomer laminates, electronic product release materials, gas and liquid containers as well as a range of automotive applications.

Skived UHMW-PE Film

With their high abrasion resistance, robustness, and mechanical stability, our skived UHMV-PE films provide self-lubricating properties, anti-stick, and sound-deadening properties. This makes them ideal for a range of demanding applications across a range of industries, from electronics to automotive.
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Product Details 

This easy-release film has excellent anti-stick properties that also provides high abrasion resistance and long-lasting protection against wear and tear. It is bondable without etching through thermal activation with a bonding agent and can be activated with heat or an additional adhesive. Our products confirm to common food certifications such as (EC) No. 1935/2004, (EU) No.10/2011 and FDA 21 CFR 177.1550. Its self-lubricating properties are similar to PTFE with a low coefficient of friction for dynamic applications. It also provides continuous service temperatures up to 194˚F (90˚C), making it an ideal solution for a range of highly specialized and demanding applications.


  • Tank Liners

  • Elastomer Laminates

  • Gas & Liquid Tight Barrier in Compensators and Expansion Joints

  • Electronics Release Materials

  • Low Friction & Anti-Squeak in Automotive

Typical Properties


Color Thickness Tensile Stregnth Elongation at Break Filler Content
White .075-1.5mm ≥30 ≥180 None
Black .075-1.5mm ≥30 ≥180 <5

*Nominal values. These values should not be used to design

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Saint-Gobain Composite Solutions is a long-trusted partner for creating highly specialized, technology-driven material solutions that deliver extraordinary performance across a spectrum of demanding settings. Through collaboration with our customers, we co-develop versatile materials and real application tests to ensure that you have the best possible solution for your application. We help create innovative materials that provide protection, easy release, insulation, and friction control. And we seek to collaborate in making it even more possible.

Collaborating engineers

Rigorous testing standards

Saint-Gobain Composite Solutions develops custom application testing based on each of our partner’s product uses in order to create the best possible solution. Some tests that are included but are not limited to environmental, durability, and reliability testing to give you peace of mind making sure that products work in the hardest environments. Our testing begins during the co-development process to develop relevant tests and gather data that allows us to create market-ready solutions quickly.


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