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Connect (X) New Orleans 2023

Connectivity Expo 2023

Connect (X) showcases the leaders in 5G infrastructure: innovative technology, supporting professional services, and a partner ecosystem that enables ubiquitous communications between people, devices, machines, and tools that support 21st-century communications.  Come learn about the latest in the industry and about SHEERGARD® band agnostic 5G radomes. SHEERGARD® radomes offer permanently hydrophobic materials with high mechanical properties withstanding higher wind, and hail, and handling higher loads than rigid shroud solutions.

Our radome solutions provide excellent thermal dissipation and heat management all while providing a modular design with band-agnostic materials allowing users to quickly change out antennas in the future reducing lifetime maintenance costs. 

To learn more about SHEERGARD® 5G radomes visit us at booth 221 in New Orleans May 8-10.