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Five Benefits of VERSIV Paint Protection Films

Five Benefits of VERSIV Paint Protection Films

Developing a tailored surface protection coating and laminating solution demands an in-depth understanding of the end-product market. In applications such as Automotive paint protection, for example, there are various vendors offering a wide range of solutions from paint additives to epoxy top coats. Yet, as an estimated 30% of a vehicle’s value is based on aesthetics, this is not an area where car owners can afford to skimp on quality.

Another option is to utilize innovative paint protection films – a solution that provides significant functional benefits in the long term. VERSIV surface protection films are a unique line of products based on advanced urethane-film technology. They are primarily comprised of a variety of stain and scratch-resistant specially formulated coatings and proprietary adhesive systems designed for long life and easy application.

In this blog post, Saint-Gobain explores five key benefits of VERSIV surface protection films for automotive paint protection in more detail:

Long-Term Aesthetics

VERSIVsurface protection films are designed to preserve vehicle finishes from new to aftermarket applications. They are imbued with non-yellowing characteristics and are tested for accelerated weathering and heat aging, ensuring that the film retains its installed appearance in real-world conditions.

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Embrittlement Resistance

Embrittlement of paint and topcoat composites due to chemical or environmental factors can degrade the optical qualities of the vehicle’s finish. VERSIVsurface protection films are tested according to the HC Cracking Test, ensuring good resistance to cracks that can reduce the surface clarity of the paintwork. This also ensures that paintwork benefits from the enhanced corrosion and abrasion-resistant properties of the film for longer.

Fluoropolymers as processing aids for fuel cells components

All the above mentioned fluoropolymers (films, laminates and coatings) will remain inside the final product/stack. But there is also a wide range of uses for fluoropolymers as processing aids in the manufacture of the sub-components to be used inside the fuel cell.

One typical example is the catalyst coated membrane (CCM). The CCM itself contains the membrane separating electrons and protons from the hydrogen molecules and is often made of sulphonated PTFE film. There are different ways to apply the catalyst layer. One is the decal transfer method in which the liquid catalyst will be applied to a substrate, homogeneously spread, dried and transferred to the membrane - thus forming the CCM. For this a PTFE-composite or film release carrier material can be used. It is critical to have low levels of defect in order to achieve high yields and produce thinner CCM layers which are increasingly being demanded by customers especially the automotive market Therefore, a smooth and homogeneous surface is a must here.

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Paint Protection Film on Car Mirror

High Conformability

Surface protection films are applied to various substrate materials and geometries in the automotive sector. VERSIV products are engineered for high conformability, making it easy to adhere films to complex shapes such as bumpers, wing mirrors, and trims. They can also adhere to various substrate materials including glass and plastic bodywork.

Wear and Tear Resistant

VERSIVsurface protection films are primarily designed to protect vehicles from the daily wear and tear of the road. Dirt, debris, stones, and acid rain are just a few of the unavoidable environmental factors that can damage paintwork and cause a reduction in clarity or surface gloss. VERSIV solutions are engineered to prevent rusting and protect the paintwork from chips that may require maintenance and polishing to correct.

They also boast a self-healing quality that enables them to sustain scratches and regenerate to return to their initial glossy state.


Lastly, VERSIVsurface protection films are easily removable despite their excellent initial adhesion properties. This ensures that films can be replaced without damaging the underlying substrate.

Surface Protection Solutions from Saint-Gobain

Saint-Gobain Composite Solutions has over 40 years of experience in custom VERSIV solutions for automotive paint protection. We specialize in creating the highest value product through a mastery of the underlying chemistry and application process, ensuring vehicles treated with

VERSIV surface protection films retain their show-room qualities for as long as possible.


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