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Supporting Medical Applications with Films Products

Supporting Medical Applications with Films Products

Suitable for filtering a variety of liquids and gases, microporous PTFE membranes are used in many medical, laboratory, and industrial instruments. Typical applications include particle filtration, venting, and diffusion barriers, and specifically for medical equipment, microporous membranes are an effective filtering medium used in ventilators’ oxygen sensors. The most popular technology for measuring oxygen concentration in air, oxygen sensors work due to a chemical reaction. Voltage is generated in this process, and the rate of voltage indicates the oxygen level. With potassium hydroxide (KOH) used typically as an electrolyte, the chemical resistance of filtering media is very high on the list of requirements.

Zitex® PTFE Membranes

With micro pores between 1 and 6 microns, Saint-Gobain Zitex® PTFE membranes are chemically inert and thermally stable in aggressive environments. They are able to handle virtually any corrosive fluid at temperatures as high as 500ºF (260ºC) and as low as the cryogenic range of -450ºF (-268ºC).

Supplied as customized die-cut pieces for convenience, Zitex® PTFE membranes are a filtering medium of choice for ventilators used to combat the rapid spread of Covid-19.