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VERSIV Films: Universal Laser Systems

Universal Laser Systems

Two VERSIV films have been qualified by Universal Laser Systems for laser processing applications. Universal Laser Systems selected VERSIV DF100 Cast PTFE Film and VERSIV ETFE-E2 Fluropolymer Film for laser processing experimentation to determine the best combination of optimal laser power and wavelength. Universal Laser Systems took samples of these materials and tested them with their laser material processing systems. After testing, it was determined that both materials proved successful in the laser cutting process.

Edge Skived PTFE Profile Angle
Cast PTFE Film
Clear ETFE E2 Film Teal

DF100 Cast PTFE Film

DF100 is a 25µm thick PTFE film with superior dielectric performance because of its multilayer construction. Produced using a proprietary casting process made of very thin layers that are individually deposited, sintered, and fused together producing a monolayer film with more uniform properties than any other manufacturing process. Check out the case study for more specifics: Laser Processing of Saint-Gobain VERSIV DF100 Cast PTFE Film

 ETFE-E2 General Purpose Film

ETFE-E2 fluoropolymer film is a 25µm copolymer of ethylene and tetrafluoroethylene resin. ETFE film that is suitable for high-temperature applications, up to 330°F. It offers high resistance to chemicals and weathering, as well as stress crack resistance, making it a perfect fit for laser processing. Learn more about how Universal Laser Systems is using ETFE-E2 in their case study: Laser Processing of Saint-Gobain VERSIV ETFE-E2 Extruded Fluoropolymer Film