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SHEERFILL® Architectural & Acoustical Membranes

The SHEERFILL® range consists of lightweight, translucent, non-combustible membranes. It’s used in some of the world’s most spectacular structures.

SHEERFILL® Architectural & Acoustical Membranes

The SHEERFILL® brand offers a full range of material solutions, based on 4 product lines. SHEERFILL®Architectural Membrane is used as a permanent tensioned membrane in the sports, retail, entertainment, and transportation sectors. Fabrasorb Acoustical Membrane is an interior liner used in SHEERFILL®architectural membrane systems – and in traditional buildings - to reduce sound and enhance thermal performance in fabric roofs. SGM Shade Mesh is used in shading applications like custom façades and umbrellas. Illuminate High Light Transmission Membrane is used in a range of applications, including roofs, skylights, and façades.

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Architectural Membrane

Our SHEERFILL® permanent tensioned membrane structures provide an important and unique option for dramatic structures in the sports, transportation, retail, and specialty markets. Made of fiberglass and polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), SHEERFILL® Architectural Membranes are available in a range of strengths and light transmission levels to provide total freedom of design.

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ILLUMINATE is made by laminating PTFE (TEFLON®) films to PTFE-coated fiberglass. Like other SHEERFILL® Architectural Membranes, ILLUMINATE is watertight and helps keep the elements out, and has a Class A fire rating. Its specialized design provides high strength, long life, and the ability to add a range of colors while maintaining light transmission.

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Fabrasorb Acoustical Membrane

Originally designed to reduce noise and reverberation in stadiums, FABRASORB Acoustical Membranes also enhance the thermal characteristics of fabric roof systems. Fabrasorb is made using fiberglass and polytetrafluoroethylene composites for a translucent, non-combustible finish with long-life characteristics.

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SGM Shade Mesh

Made from a composite material made of fiberglass and polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), SGM Shade Mesh materials are used in façades and shading applications including custom façades, modular façades, architectural umbrellas, and more. The mesh construction allows for more natural light and air to circulate through the fabric.


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