Solutions for tomorrow

Saint-Gobain Composite Solutions has broad and deep experience creating innovative solutions designed for optimal performance, efficiency, and reliability in extreme conditions across a vast number of fields. By taking a collaborative, co-developmental approach we partner to provide customized solutions working closely from the start and throughout our journey together – all the way from the drawing board to testing, analysis, and production to improve performance with a custom solution.


Fuel Cells

Supporting sustainable and responsible energy 

Flexible Solar Panel In a mountain camp

Photovoltaic and Solar

Photovoltaic products for sustainable energy production

Release Liners for  Transdermal Patches

Release Liners for Transdermal Patches

Advanced VERSIV™ release liners that protect and preserve the purity of the pharmaceutical patches.

PTFE Diaphragms & Valves

PTFE Diaphragms & Valves

Increase flex cycles and lifetime up to 70% higher than regular modified PTFE and reduce vapors permeability by 30% in certain applications.