Fuel Cells

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Supporting sustainable and responsible energy

VERSIV monolayer films enhance the performance of hydrogen fuel cells

When used as cells, seals, and separators within hydrogen fuel cells, our VERSIV multi-material composites work as industry-leading protection and barrier solutions. They offer high performance in the most stressful and challenging conditions, including working at high pressures or temperatures of up to 300˚C ( 572˚F) and in harsh chemical environments. By helping to maximize fuel cell performance and longevity, our solutions are contributing to their wider usage, both as components and as process aids.

Our VERSIV films

Hydrogen fuel cells provide a clean and efficient way to store and transport energy for use in homes, businesses, and vehicles. Our films and fabrics increase membrane electrode assembly efficiency and are helping manufacturers to achieve reduced stack height, high-speed decal productivity, and thinner, more homogenous catalyst layers.


Great properties for Broadcasting electrolyzers

  • Increased assembly efficiency
  • Reduced stack height
  • High-speed thinner decal productivity
  • More homogenous catalyst laters
Hydrogen Fuel Cell Stack
H2 Electrolyzer

Prototyping & Testing Capabilities

Our uniquely wide portfolio of solutions and cutting-edge expertise is supporting companies in creating solutions that reduce the environmental impact of buildings and transport systems. Working with our partners in the renewables sector, we develop, manufacture and distribute materials with the specialized properties needed for enhanced fuel cell performance.


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