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Medical Films

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Specialty Films for Medical Applications

Fluoropolymer and Release films for the Medical & Life Sciences sectors

Manufactured in compliance with USFDA regulations in ISO 9001-2010 environments, we offer a range of advanced medical film solutions. Our FEP barrier films are used for high-purity fluid bags and are thermally stable and inherently inert. ETFE and PTFE films also provide safe, customized solutions for pharma closures and cap liners, while PET release liners enable safe and reliable performance for transdermal patches. Our specialized designs ensure theromformability to even the most complex shapes, thermostability, and a functional temperature range from -328°F to 330°F (-200°C to 165°C). This means not only fewer manufacturing defects but great performance in both cryogenic and high-temperature applications. Pharmaceutical packaging components that ensure no product contamination? Transdermal drug release liner already registered with FDA? We're here to help with expert product suggestions or even product co-development.

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Our medical films

Our global manufacturing capabilities, technical expertise, and sector knowledge focus on fitness for use and supply reliability. We understand how mission-critical medical components can be and have the experience and expertise to perform in the most demanding applications.


Medical Applications

  • Ultra-pure pharmaceutical packaging
  • Cryogenic tissue preservation
  • Transdermal drug deliver
  • Sterile packaging
  • Surgical trays
  • Release liners for microfluidics


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Co-developing innovative products

Saint-Gobain has been working with businesses in the medical and life sciences sector for over 40 years to develop, design, and manufacture solutions that meet the changing needs of medical teams, pharmaceutical companies, and patients. Our approach to collaboration and broad R&D resources allow us to continue pushing forward when it comes to optimizing medical devices with high-quality film and fabric solutions.


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