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VERSIV Films for Medical: Overview

Saint-Gobain Composite Solutions medical films are manufactured in compliance with USFDA regulations in ISO 9001-2015 environments. Our specialty medical films are commonly used in medical solutions due to their unique properties, such as high chemical resistance, high thermal stability, and excellent biocompatibility. 

Whether pharmaceutical packaging components that ensure no product contamination or transdermal drug release liners already registered with medical authorities, we can help with expert product suggestions and product co-development. 

Medical and Pharmaceutical Applications

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Transdermal Patches

Our films enable controlled drug delivery and provide protective and adhesive properties. Their versatility and tailored characteristics contribute to the success of transdermal patch therapies across various medical applications. These properties contribute to the successful delivery of medication through the skin while maintaining product quality and patient safety.

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Cap Liners

These films contribute to the functionality and performance of cap liners. They play a crucial role in maintaining product integrity, extending shelf life, preventing contamination, and providing added value to both manufacturers and consumers in various industries.

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Composite films contribute to the safety, sterility, and protection of a wide range of medical products. Their barrier properties, customization options, and compatibility with various sterilization methods make them indispensable for ensuring the quality and integrity of medical devices, pharmaceuticals, and supplies. The packaging can have moisture and oxygen barriers, IV protection, dose control and release, and tamper-evident features.

Benefits of Medical Films

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Biocompatibility & Non-Stick Properties

Biocompatibility: Our PTFE-based medical film is a biocompatible material that does not react with human tissues, making it ideal for use in medical applications. 

Non-stick properties: Our films have non-stick properties, which can prevent the adhesion of tissues or other materials to medical devices as well as easily release from a range of adhesive systems. This property is particularly useful for surgical tools, implantable medical devices, and transdermal patches. 

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Chemical Resistance & Electrical Insulation

Chemical Resistance: These films are highly resistant to chemical reactions, which makes them useful for protecting medical equipment from chemical damage or for use in environments where chemical sterilization is required. 

Electrical Insulation: Saint-Gobain’s PTFE-based films are excellent electrical insulators, which makes them useful for applications such as the insulation of electrical wires in medical devices. 

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High-Temperature Resistance & Cleanliness

High-temperature resistance: PTFE films can withstand high temperatures, making them useful for applications such as lining autoclaves and other high-temperature sterilization equipment. 

Cleanliness: Our medical release liners are manufactured in Class 1,000 and Class 10,000 clean rooms to minimize contamination risks and maintain consistent performance. 

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Why Saint-Gobain Composite Solutions?

Saint-Gobain Composite Solutions is part of a world-class manufacturing organization drawing from over 350 years of history. We use technical and applications engineering to solve the most demanding applications and help customers meet their unique challenges. We put significant focus and investment in developing solutions for medical films technology and our close cooperation with universities and research institutions is dedicated to that aim.

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Product Development and Innovation

Saint-Gobain has been working with businesses in the medical and life sciences sector for over 40 years to develop, design, and manufacture solutions that meet the changing needs of medical teams, pharmaceutical companies, and patients. Our approach to collaboration and broad R&D resources allow us to continue pushing forward when it comes to optimizing medical devices with high-quality film and fabric solutions.


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