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Sustainable products for energy production

VERSIV products for Photovoltaic cells and Solar Heating

Our front sheet ETFE film is manufactured from a high-performance fluoropolymer resin. This provides high levels of resistance to chemicals and weathering as well as low flammability, stress crack resistance and insulating properties. Superior light transmission and a high coverage factor also help to reduce glare on both flexible and rigid modules.

Socal cell on flexible film base
Flexible Solar Battery

Our photovoltaic solutions

Saint-Gobain is an innovative and versatile manufacturer of thin-film material solutions for the photovoltaic industry. Our high-performance fluoropolymer resins provide the light transmittance, aging resistance, weight advantage and performance needed for the transition to a low-carbon economy. Our front sheet ETFE films provide enhanced levels of resistance to chemicals, increased weatherability, low flammability, and insulating properties. The high light transmission and low glare surface treatment make our ETFE film the right choice for flexible and rigid modules thanks to optimum energy generation and superior aesthetic integration.


Benefits of ETFE Films

  • High light transmission
  • Flexible
  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Matte surface finish
Solar Panel Roof Installation
Solar Panel on Build Roofs

Prototyping & Testing Capabilities

Our solutions are improving the manufacturing processes, energy production efficiency, and service life of photovoltaic cells. Working with our partners across the renewables sector, we are helping them increase their competitive advantage and use module encapsulation to reach grid parity.


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