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Pump Diaphragms: Overview

Saint-Gobain Composite Solutions offers a range of PTFE Film and Composite multi-layer solutions for valves and diaphragms tailored to the needs of specific industries. Dimensionally stable, thermally weldable, and with high tensile and tear strength they provide long-lasting, consistent performance. Excellent flex life and reduced permeability enhance lifetime, reduce contamination, and protect equipment. 

Ultraflex VERSIV Multimaterial Composite has the highest flex life compared to regular PTFE (up to 200% higher) and its high flex resistance means it has a long mean time between failure. The non-stick washable surface saves time, material costs, and energy through low friction and easy-release properties. Additionally, thermal stability from -328˚F to 500˚F (-200˚C to 260˚C), electrostatic safety, and almost universal chemical resistance ensure high levels of safety.

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Pump Diaphragm Applications

Pump diaphragms are used in a wide range of applications, such as chemical processing, pharmaceuticals, food and beverage processing, mining, and wastewater treatment, where reliable and efficient pumping of liquids is required. Saint-Gobain Composite Solutions VERSIV film and composite multi-layer solutions are used in pump diaphragm applications as the flexible barrier that separates the liquid or gas being pumped from the rest of the pump components.

Benefits of VERSIV Films in Pump Diaphragms 

PTFE Diaphragms & Valves

Chemical Resistance & Flexibility and Durability

Chemical Resistance: PTFE films are highly resistant to chemicals, acids, and solvents. This makes them ideal for use in pumps that handle aggressive chemicals or corrosive materials. PTFE films can withstand a wide range of chemicals and are also resistant to hydrolysis, which makes them suitable for use in humid environments.

Flexibility and Durability: Our films are very flexible and can be formed into diaphragms that are thin and durable. They are also resistant to tearing and abrasion, which helps prolong their lifespan.

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Low-Friction, Temperature Resistance & Reduced Maintenance

Low Friction: Our films have a very low coefficient of friction, which means they do not stick to other materials easily. This makes them ideal for use in pumps that handle viscous or sticky fluids.

High-Temperature Resistance: Our films can withstand high temperatures without degrading, which makes them suitable for use in pumps that handle hot fluids.

Reduced Maintenance: Because our films are durable and resistant to chemical attack, they require less maintenance than other materials, reducing downtime and saving on maintenance costs.

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Why Saint-Gobain Composite Solutions?

Saint-Gobain Composite Solutions is part of a world-class manufacturing organization drawing from over 350 years of history. We use technical and applications engineering to solve the most demanding applications and help customers meet their unique challenges. We put significant focus and investment in developing solutions for pump diaphragm technology and our close cooperation with universities and research institutions is dedicated to that aim.

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Product Development and Innovation

Research and co-development are at the heart of everything we do at Saint-Gobain. Working with our industrial partners, we are always looking to harness the latest innovations to improve our products to provide specialized solutions to the challenges they face.


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