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Polyvinyl chloride (PVC), specifically unplasticized PVC – or uPVC – represents the golden standard for window framing and door manufacturing. Given its outstanding thermal efficiency and negligible susceptibility to weathering effects, it represents the most popular solution for domestic doors and windows the world over.

Bottlenecks in PVC Welding

The sheer volume of uPVC profile production demands streamlined operations throughout the entire manufacturing workflow. PVC welding represents a common bottleneck as waste melt may accumulate on platens, sticking to the table and creating an uneven work surface. It is common practice to use high-performance release films for PVC welding applications, to prevent sticking and reduce the need for routine removal of waste polymeric substances from hot plate welding fixtures.

Release Films for PVC Welding Applications

PVC welding productivity relies on the quick and consistent release of protection films used on heated welding platens. Through intensive collaboration with trusted partners, the VERSIV team has developed an ideal release solution for hot plate welding: SRF206 Copper.

SRF206 Copper is a superior, non-stick release film designed to cover the four heated welding platens on each corner of a workpiece. It is simple to install with exceptional configurability for existing machines and has been engineered with ease of maintenance in mind.

“We recommend the new Saint-Gobain SRF206 Copper PTFE coated fabric. This is a friendly product in the process of welding profiles, our tests have proved that they are above average strength. We have seen in practice that the release sheets do not need to be changed as often. What is important to us in the window production process is that this new Saint-Gobain Fabric maintains its properties throughout the entire period, which translates into high quality of welded window profiles.”   

                                      -Daniel Trzosek, Production Manager, Window Production Department 

For higher quality finishes, significantly reduced maintenance, and greater productivity, SRF206 Copper PVC welding solutions is the best-in-class release film on the market.

Reduce Maintenance Time

Maintenance Time SRF206 Copper
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