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Release Layers for Defect-Free PCB Lamination

Today’s commodity and technical electronic devices demand compact electrical subsystems which operate with exceptional performance and efficiency. One area where manufacturers are continuing to push the technological letter and realize more complex configurations is in the generation of flexible printed circuit boards (FPCBs). This is a challenging workflow composed of multiple steps, each of which carries a significant risk of defects. The FPCB coverlay process is an offshoot of PCB lamination which involves the complete encapsulation of the intricate device in a protective, insulating film.


Why Choose FPCB Coverlays?

Single-layer FCPB production is unfortunately associated with high defect rates which can have a significant impact on the bottom line, resulting in high rates of failure and material wastage. Choosing an appropriate FPCB coverlay can dramatically reduce those defect rates and enable more consistent batch processing with longer runs between mandatory maintenance and cleaning.


Partner Success Story—Smooth Surface, Longer-Lasting Release, Improved Production Yield

A partner who was suffering the aforementioned issues in their single-layer FCPB production runs made significant changes to their process, trialing the VERSIV solution SR010-2 X release liner. Our solution is super smooth with the longest-lasting release performance of our entire product line. After the trial period, the client revisited their FPCB defect rates and found a significant reduction of spot defects, plus a greater quality surface finish and an overall improvement in batch-to-batch consistency.

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