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Partner Success Story

Vacuum Belt Drying

One of our VBD customers came to us with a need to increase their productivity and energy efficiency and decrease their spending on belts. Their vacuum drying belts are wide and long and belt elongation issues were impacting the drying process, causing increased downtime to open and re-align the belts and also causing energy wastage to recreate the vacuum on each occasion for the drying process to recommence.  

More drying cycles, longer lifetime, and increased energy efficiency.

Working together, we identified that the issues they were experiencing were caused by their belt guiding system. We developed a customized belt guiding system that ensured the belt was aligned correctly and remained in position during the drying process. Our user-friendly solution has removed a source of downtime in customers’ processes and simplified the fitting and installation. This change has led to an increase in energy efficiency and a decrease in scrap rates created from breaking the vacuum seal. It also meant that the overall lifetime of their dryer belts has increased significantly.