sheergard air supported radome in guam

Protective Systems

Applied everywhere from sensitive electronics to hazmat, first responder, and military environments, our systems enable us to empower you with coherent, comprehensive solutions to your specific challenges. From Radome solutions with peerless hydrophobicity, specialist gloves, and suits, to temporary structures, find out more below about our holistic protective systems.

Kaj Dome Air Supported Radome


SHEERGARD® from Saint-Gobain Composite Solutions provides maximum system protection with unsurpassed RF performance while ensuring highly reliable continuous communications from highly sensitive radar systems to cutting edge 5G mmWave radome solutions.



Includes a range of hazmat suits and chemical protective clothing and accessories for hazardous materials responders who require maximum protection with unsurpassed comfort so users are able to carry out missions focusing only on the task at hand.

Our range

Radome Installation SBIRS


Complete installation, maintenance, and inspection services from Saint Gobain engineers worldwide ensuring speedy assembly, and continuous operation of radome solutions.


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