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Sheergard® Services

Sheergard® Services

The SHEERGARD® team offers complete turn-key engineering services that span the life of your radome. In-house design engineers perform structural analysis, RF analysis, and environmental and other physical tests as part of the standard design process. Manufacturing engineers oversee the radome fabrication, and a team of installation and inspection engineers perform year-round on-site services to ensure the reliability and performance of your system.

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RF Design and Analysis

Our engineered SHEERGARD® RF materials are designed to provide excellent hydrophobicity and RF transmission. They are then tested and analyzed to provide peak performance in tough, real-world applications.

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Structural Modeling

Our engineers have over 15 years of experience using ABAQUS large-scale nonlinear finite element modeling. This powerful and insightful analytical program determines stress and deflection, structural quality, and antenna clearance under the highest real-world wind conditions.

SHEERGARD air supported radome in halifax canada 1991

Environmental Testing

With 40 years of experience using PTFE to coat structural fabrics, our SHEERGARD® team has tested its resilience against the most challenging conditions from sub-zero to searing heat. This is why demanding clients like first responders and the US military trust us.

Radome Installation SBIRS


Saint-Gobain’s worldwide Sheergard® radome installation support services cover everything you need for success – whether that’s a sole technical advisor or a full installation crew.

Radome inspection in thule greenland


Maximize your radome system lifespan and reliability with expert inspection services from Saint-Gobain Composite Solutions.

Radome construction

Maintenance Services

Sheergard® composites last for 20 years in the toughest environments – with no painting, re-coating or caulking required. Preventive and corrective maintenance ensures your product always operates at optimal levels.


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